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Margaret always loved clean environment. When she was a teenager her friends called her a CM – cleaning maniac:) When she became mum her home, children were always spick-and-span. Relatives and friends couldn`t believe how she was able to juggle so many things in life. Struggling with juggling? Not her, not Margaret. Her surrounding, her home, her beloved ones were still immaculate…

Since she wasn`t afraid of new challenges, when she was a mature woman and her children became teenagers, she decided to start a new chapter of her life in the UK where she met her current partner Karol(Charles).

Margaret decided to take up cleaning in private houses because she loved it and she was so good at it. Her service exceeded expectations of her clients every time. Day by day.

One day, when Margaret and Karol both were sitting in the garden, sipping English Breakfast Tea, out of the blue, the idea came up… “Why don`t you transform your passion into business? Your business” And so did she.

Margaret founded her company DIAMOND SHINE CLEANING in……… Karol supports her in all her endeavours. He is an Executive Director. They employ…. cleaners who are thoroughly trained. They have served ……. clients so far. All of them were highly satisfied.

Margaret has been fortunate enough to stumble upon her passion early in life knowing that, what she currently does, is what she was meant for.


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius

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Regular Commercial Office Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Of Bathroom And Windows Cleaning


Cleaning of holiday let and house.

“Our cleaner was very professional and carried out a superb job. When letting season starts again next year we will use Diamond Shine again on a weekly basis.”

Deep cleaning house and windows.

House cleaning